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Please join us for our wedding celebration on June 23, 2017

Our Story

Once upon a time, at a Moksha Yoga studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba there was a young and handsome yoga instructor named Keith. His classes were often frequented by the lovely Kristen Ollinger who seemed to take a liking to his teaching style. As time progressed, Keith found himself asking the young lady out for a cup of tea. On a Halloween afternoon in 2014 Keith and Kristen went for a walk and a cup of tea. As it turned out the event was nothing more then what seemed to appear as friendship. A few weeks went by and Keith could not stop thinking of the fond young lady, Kristen. He decided to request a second cup of tea. As truth has it, the second tea date turned into a beautiful life of love, travel and adventure together. A life that would lead to Maui Hawaii. In March 2016, after an early morning hike to the shivering top of Mount Heleakala Crater and a paparazzi-style quest to find Oprah's house, Keith and Kristen found themselves in at The Ali-i Kula Lavendar Farm. At the center of lavender labyrinth in Kula Hawaii, Keith asked Kristen to marry him.

It is with great excitement that we invite you to join us in celebration of our June 23, 2017 wedding ceremony...

Keith and Kristen